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F or its final seasons about Fox chassis, Ford dialed in some tweaks for your 1988 Mercury Cougar

F or its final seasons about Fox chassis, Ford dialed in some tweaks for your 1988 Mercury Cougar

The 1988 Mercury Cougar

While there had been no significant adjustment everywhere regarding automobile, sufficient changes are built to be considered this much more than a carryover 12 months. Ford affirmed that 1989 would cause an all-new Cougar on a brand new frame, so dealers anticipated greater quantity inside showrooms-and these people were appropriate. The 1988 unit year became an excellent one for any Cougar as sale leaped.

1988 Cougar XR-7

The 1988 Cougar XR-7 now featured a striking newer monochromatic paint system, found in Oxford White, Medium Scarlet or Ebony. They showcased body-colored part moldings, grille and outside mirrors; blacked-out screen cut; black colored door manages and crucial surrounds; and body-colored 15″ aluminum wheels that came from new 1987 Mustang GT (argent tires are optional about XR-7). Surprisingly, there have been no unique “XR-7” C-pillar emblems, nevertheless standard LS emblems alternatively. So there was actually unique pinstriping for your XR-7, a decal that rode above the upper neck range and ended at grille. The 1988 Cougar XR-7 was probably the more identifiable of Cougar systems from 1983 to 1988 and continues to be desirable even now.

Automatically the XR-7 obtained an 8.8″ backside differential, considered the only real Cougar from 1983-88 to get the bigger backside shaft. No significant suspension system adjustment comprise generated. The conventional 5.0L V8 motor furthermore had no electricity increase nevertheless the addition of a split double exhaust bumped upwards full productivity 5 ponies to a total of 155hp. Once more truly the only sign ended up being the 4-speed AOD overdrive indication.

The big news when it comes to XR-7’s interior is the return of this common analogue measure group, absent since 1986. A V8-spec tachometer was the actual only real change from the very last variation. Also, the activity controls, revealed here, became common. The full digital device group was actually an option for all the XR-7 also the LS.

1988 Cougar LS

Whilst the Cougar LS design ended up being literally the same as the earlier product seasons, save for color alternatives, there had been modifications for the engines. The bottom 3.8L V6 have an inside stability shaft and an innovative new multiport fuel shot program for smoother process and significantly better throttle responses. Energy had been today rated at 140hp and now the V6 seriously noticed stronger and receptive than their CFI precursor. Gasoline economic climate was actually bumped upwards slightly this means that. With the XR-7 product, the 5.0L V8 received a brand new quasi-dual fatigue for a total of 155hp.

Because automobile insurance in the us is this type of an expensive and complicated prospect in 1980s, the notion of shelling out practically U.S. $20,000 (or even more) for an XR-7 product after which insuring they at full value ended up being, since you may imagine, expensive. The problem had been that, even though the XR-7 got a standard-output V8 rather than the performance-oriented HO 5.0 from Mustang, it absolutely was nonetheless considered a “sporting events” or “performance” design, thus bumping up insurance costs. However, smart Cougar people could get a fully-loaded LS design using the V8 as well as have an online XR-7 duplicate, rescue for your paint program and tires, appreciate lower insurance charges. This turned out to be a prominent step for most people once the utilized market for 1988 Cougars consistently demonstrates various V8 autos.

The 1988 3.8L V6 highlighted faceflow Dating an all-new intake plenum, decreased intake, cylinder minds, device covers, extras and brackets, and air-intake. The V6 began to highly appear like the 5.0L V8 in format and looks, and a few components happened to be also shared within engines.

an illustration with the 3.8L V6 interior balances shaft. It was installed to grant a counterbalance for additional smoothness and less NVH. However, it is got rid of in 1989 and never gone back to the motor, apparently creating not come as successful as meant.

Bottom Line

Income obtained well when it comes to Cougar in 1988, so that as the part throughout the fourth-generation Cougar shut, the auto became resilient, reliable and trustworthy, and a great importance for the money. Lincoln-Mercury sellers realized that Cougar got a solid choice and they appeared forward to the introduction regarding the MN12-chassis auto to advance their particular purchases aim.

The period of aero Fox 1983-88 Mercury Cougar proved to be a very popular one. Not simply did product sales soar upwards throughout this six-model-year cycle, but the age of the “aero” automobile is today completely swing, as different automakers scrambled to copy Ford’s take a look on the automobiles. Where fighting GM gave up the rear-drive segment going forward drive (fantastic Prix, Cutlass, Regal, Lumina), and aero-look clones made an appearance (Chrysler LeBaron), Ford have a virtual freeze the midsize rear-drive deluxe coupe markets. The aero Mercury Cougar got, simply, ideal automobile in the right time.

Services Unique to 1988 Cougars:
  • MPFI 3.8L V6 motor with interior balance shaft
  • Monochromatic XR-7 unit (merely season with this human anatomy style)
  • Cinnabar interior tone (only 12 months contained in this body design)
  • Rose Quartz/Cinnabar two-tone outside shade (twelve months only)
  • Media Regatta azure metal exterior tone (light blues had been unique to each and every unit year)

Technical Specs

V6-232 3.8L Emissions Recalls 1. 91E14 might 92 Recall 91E14 Catalyst Inspection/Replacement – 49 States 2. 91E03 JAN 92 Catalyst Inspection/Replacement Emissions Recall 91E03

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